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the eighteenth letter of the alphabet
23 May 1990
California, United States
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Foothill Middle School - Walnut Creek CA (2005 - 2007)
Northgate High School - Walnut Creek CA (2007 - 2011)
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acoustic, alice in wonderland, amélie, anne taintor, arizona green tea, autumn, awkward beauty, birds, books, british accents, calamansi juice, cheekbones, childhood, coffee, creative writing, cringe-and-lolworthy memories, crunchy autumn leaves, dear and the headlights, delicious conversation, draco/pansy, epically fantastic vocabulary, eric northman, facial masks, feeling infinite, figuring out people, france, fresh fresh fresh air, frozen yogurt, georgia nicolson-esque vocabulary, good old elementary days, grey skies, handwritten letters, harry potter, hopeless romanticism, horoscopes, horror films, insanely windy weather, instrumental music, joe anderson, keysmashing, kim/danny, late of the pier, laughing, lmfao-ing, london, macaroni and cheese please, nail polish, nostalgia, optimism, painting with coffee, pansy motherfucking parkinson, peacock feathers, peanut butter luna bars, perfume, pianos, polaroids, reading, red hair, regina spektor, reliving childhood, running through meadows, self discovery, shampoo, simplicity, soft hair, solo airplane rides, spicy food, sun plus wind, sushi, tall and lanky, tea, the great wide somewhere, the middle of nowhere, thunderstorms, true blood, unventured forests, utthara, well worth the wait, when summer becomes autumn, wild honeysuckles, witty comebacks, writing, writing lists, yann tiersen, yellowed book pages, zzz's,

1/27/2013: i've moved to ladylanguage!

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